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1.  How much are GameBuds?

$20 each

2.  Are GameBuds waterproof?

Yes,  Gamebuds uses IPX-7 waterproof technology

3.  What countries are GameBuds available?

They can be purchased in New Zealand & Australia.  Shipping is available worldwide also.  Speak to our team

4.  What exactly are the requirements for GameBuds connection?

Any Bluetooth enabled device

5.  What are the age requirements for GameBuds?

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The recommended age group for this product is 7-21.  But anyone over 7 can use it

6.  Can I listen to music using GameBuds?

Of course!  You can listen to anything using this device

7.  Is there a refund or replacement policy if my product is damaged or missing in the mail?

Yes.  See our shipping policies

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