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About us


My name is Jarom but you can call me J for short. I am the CEO Founder for AJC Tech. My business name has a special meaning as it is named after me and my parents: A=Adele, J=Jarom, C=Cheval.


I got into technology when I was 2 and started this business when I was 7.  I have received a few gifted kids awards along my journey.  Even with my background of Austism Spectrum Disorder (2e), I'm not letting it get in my way of achieving my lifes endeavours.  I hope to inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their passions in the business arena too!  Create your digital world!

No Mohaka me Ruatoki me Mangamuka ahau

Ko Takitimu tōku waka

Ko Tāwhirirangi tōku maunga

Ko Mohaka tōku awa

Ko Ngāti-Pahauwera me Tuhoe me Ngāpuhi ōku iwi

Ko Eddie Hauwai raua ko Lavinia Pere tōku tupuna

Ko Adele Hauwai raua ko Cheval Sauer tōku mātua

Ko Jarom Hauwai-Sauer tōku ingoa

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